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We invite you to join our family of volunteers and make a difference in a child’s life – and your own.


When a family is in crisis and becomes involved in the child welfare system, a judge may appoint a CASA volunteer to advocate for the child. That volunteer is called a Court Appointed Special Advocate®, or CASA.

CASA volunteers stay by a child’s side throughout the case, advocating for reunification with parents when safe and possible. If reunification is not safe or possible, CASA volunteers will advocate for the child to be adopted by, or live with, relatives or family friends. If that can not be achieved, CASA volunteers work towards adoption by a nonrelative. No matter what, CASA volunteers will keep in contact with the support network until the case closes so that everyone continues to put the child’s best interests first.



Imagine for a moment that you are a 10 year old girl and you are laying your head down to go to sleep in a different bed in an unfamiliar room.  The house smells kind of weird and it’s the fourth home that you’ve been to this year.  You miss your sister.  She is your best friend and you haven’t been able to see her in months.  In fact, you haven’t been able to see your mom, dad, or grandma in months either.  When you think of grandma, you remember how she would come pick you up every weekend.  At grandma’s house you always felt safe and loved.  She would bake cookies for you and sing songs at bedtime.  You and your sister were always laughing at grandma’s jokes. 

Now, stop imagining, because this 10 year old girl is real.  This child was separated from her family and when her grandmother told CPS that she wanted her granddaughters, she was told no, and there were walls put up at every turn.  That’s where CASA comes in.  The CASA talked to CPS and the attorneys, but most importantly, CASA spoke with the children and their grandmother.  The CASA called a special hearing before the Judge.  The Judge listened to all of the facts and placed those grandchildren with their grandmother. 

Now imagine again that you are that little girl getting to hug grandma in the morning and sharing a room with your sister. 

Today that grandmother has custody of her grandchildren and that little girl is a straight A student.  Both girls have everything they ever needed because they wake up loved and safe. 

Our Mission:

CASA OF THE PINES exists to train community volunteers to advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children involved in the court system so that each child is placed in a safe permanent home. 

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